We choose our job for lots of different reasons and, although salary is important, it’s rarely the most important factor in opting for one role  over another.

Earning a decent wage improves our standard of living but not necessarily our quality of life and none of us would choose to work somewhere that makes us miserable purely because it gives us a fatter wage packet at the end of the month.

Still, it’s a natural human instinct to want to know who’s earning more than us and, often to wonder what they do that justifies a higher wage.

Many of us think people who perform a valuable social function, such as nurses and teachers, should earn the most, while bankers and corporate lawyers shouldn’t earn as much.

Rightly or wrongly, that’s not the way society works . Our experience as a Glasgow recruitment agency tells us that jobs with the highest barriers to entry are paid the most. That usually means those requiring a particularly difficult qualification, a technical specialism or a minimum level of financial investment or risk.

As a Glasgow jobs agency we know that, as the world becomes more digitised, many of the highest paid professionals are those qualified to use their knowledge of technology to add value to businesses or organisations.

With that in mind, it’s interesting to see the latest list of the UK’s highest rewarded jobs for 2018, compiled by a Glasgow employment agency. Bear in mind, those quoted are average salaries. Some may surprise you.

1. GP – £107,000

GPs require listening skills, a compassionate nature and healthcare knowledge to diagnose, investigate, and treat illnesses. They’re the first port of call for patients and they’re trained to consider physical, emotional, and social factors, as well as the patient’s medical history, when diagnosing an illness and recommending a treatment.

2. Consultant Psychiatrist – £104,000

Psychiatrists diagnose and treat patients with mental health disorders including dementia and depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia eating disorders and they decide on the best treatment, either medication or psychotherapy. Their work can be challenging, so emotional resilience is key. Psychiatrists usually specialise in specific areas of psychology, such as child, elderly, adult, or forensics.

3. Cloud Architect – £98,000

Rather than owning their computing infrastructure, companies can rent computing services from a cloud service provider that delivers servers, storage, databases, networking, applications, analytics, and more. Cloud Architects are IT professionals responsible for designing, building, maintaining and deploying these services. It’s a relatively new and increasingly popular discipline, which makes those skilled in the field of cloud computing particularly sought after.

4. Sonographer: £95,000

Sonographers use ultrasound technology to produce diagnostic scans of organs, blood vessels, joints, and soft tissue inside the body. Their work is vital in helping to diagnose health problems and monitor other conditions in several areas including gynaecology and pregnancy, breast, and abdominal, to cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, neurological. It involves a mix of interpersonal skills, technical ability, hand-eye coordination and more.

5. Financial Officer: £95,000

Financial Officers are key to most organisations, helping to control everything finance, from budgets, records, and receipts, to invoices, audits, and financial policies. Using their expert skills in financial and accounting procedures, along with excellent analytical and mathematical abilities, they’re able to ensure an organisation’s financial operations are running smoothly and in line with legal requirements.

6. Data Modeller: £94,000

Data Modellers use creativity and analytical skills to design computer databases, using logical, conceptual, and physical data models. Working closely with data architects, they ensure databases translate complex business data in a way that meets a company’s requirements.

7. Agile Coach: £94,000

Agile Coaches lead and promote agile processes – a project management methodology employed by thousands of business worldwide – and are responsible for educating and guiding developers, focusing on increasing collaboration and innovation within projects. They may also help with implementing long-term strategies across an organisation.

8. Security Architect: £90,000

Security architects design, build and testing security systems, ensuring IT networks are safe and secure from outside attacks. With the introduction of GDPR in May, they’re more in demand than ever.

9. Java Architect: £85,000

Java architects design develop and upgrade architecture that supports Java applications and achieves organisational goals. This involves studying business operation and user-interface requirements and contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans. They need excellent technical skills and an in-depth understanding of Java languages. Java architects are also leaders with excellent communication skills.

10. Managing Director: £79,000

Managing directors oversee strategy and performance and, with other board members, they oversee the management of companies, focusing improving profits, growth, and shareholder return. This includes implementing an effective company policy, developing strategic goals, and building an operational management team.