Our Climate Journey
Have you ever wondered what more your company can do to reduce its carbon footprint and take climate positive action? We asked ourselves this question last year following the inspiring contribution of David Attenborough at the COP22 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Save Trees & Ecologi
Since that moment, Two Rivers Recruitment has offset 8.83 tonnes of CO2e with a little help from the brilliant people at Save Trees and Ecologi.  In the past 6 months, we have supported a variety of projects around the world including using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile, producing renewable wind energy in Bulgaria and preserving the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil.

Business Impact
Following the Climate Conference, which took place on our doorstep here in Glasgow, we decided to shift our manual timesheet process online. Of course, reducing the paper usage on our timesheets was never going to save the rainforests, but it was this decision that prompted a chance conversation and the second moment of inspiration from James at Save Trees.  Since Two Rivers began operating in January 2018, we had been using a manual timesheet process for our candidates and clients utilising our Temporary Recruitment services. Apart from being a cumbersome process, it was time-consuming and detrimental to the environment with the amount of paper that had to be printed every week to be signed by candidates and approved by clients.

Business Benefits
After considering a wide range of online timesheet solutions, many of which were expensive or had less than perfect reviews, we stumbled across Save Trees, which offers a brilliant solution at very reasonable rates.
The expertise of Save Trees and the simplicity of the product meant we were able to successfully introduce Online Timesheets for all of our UK and overseas clients in a very short period. We were also impressed by their commitment to planting 100,000 trees by 2030 in line with their business growth plans. Not only that the benefits of saving time and improved reliability for our candidates, clients and our business is fantastic.

Climate Benefits
We were so inspired by the Save Trees story, we are now also partnering with the team at Ecologi to grow our own forest by contributing to a variety of reforestation projects around the world. So far this year, we have planted 165 trees locally in Scotland and as far afield as Madagascar, Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda.

In the spirit of continuing our climate positive approach and reducing our carbon footprint, Two Rivers will plant 10 trees for every new client in 2022. By working with us you’ll have a highly efficient timesheet process for all of your candidates, and you’ll also be making a small, but significant impact on carbon reduction around the world.  If you’d like to come with us on the journey either as a client, candidate or would like more information on our story, then do in touch with us via all the usual channels.  Details on how to contact us can be found on our website.

Eddie Finnigan
Two Rivers Recruitment